IEEE Military Communications Conference
30 October – 3 November 2023 // Boston, MA, USA
Communications Supporting Military Operations in a Contested Environment



Following the successful 2022 SATCOM Digital Transformation workshop, the DIFI consortium will host a full-day 2023 workshop focused on digitization and virtualization in SATCOM. Key to boosting innovation, expanding scale, and reducing costs, digital transformation is vital to meet next-gen commercial and DoD SATCOM requirements. This transformation, based on the twin pillars of digitization and virtualization, streamlines modem designs via modularization and standardization, fostering common hardware use and innovative digital IF interfaces using the DIFI protocol. Such digitization and DIFI-standardized digital IF pave the way for virtualized SATCOM applications. These digitally upgraded ground networks allow new use cases, enhancing network and terminal flexibility and resilience. 

Given the positive feedback from the 60+ attendees of last year's event, the 2023 workshop will be a full-day event, providing a broader platform for engagement and knowledge exchange. The morning will commence with paper sessions, allowing participants to delve deeper into the latest developments in the DIFI standard, digital IF research,  and advancements. The paper sessions will conclude with a panel, which will provide an in-depth examination of the progress of the DIFI protocol and the remaining challenges. The afternoon will be followed by a combined poster session and technology demonstrations, showcasing emerging applications of digital IF and virtualization in SATCOM.


Final Camera-ready PDFs Due:  October 23, 2023


0845-1115 Presentation Sessions

Fairfield/Exeter (3rd Floor) -- across from exhibit hall

0845-1000 Session 1: DIFI V1.2

Session Chair: Juan Deaton

  • Simon Swift, ETL, DIFI – Standard Evolution
  • Jim Rosenberg, Wavestream, Reference Level, Scaling, and Gain Fields in DIFI
  • Brian Olson, Amerigint, Overview of Digital IF 1.2 Synchronization features

1000-1030  Coffee Break

1030-1115 Session 2: Digital Transformation Lessons Learned

Session Chair: Juan Deaton

  • Eric Fankhauser, Evertz, DIFI Plugfest Update
  • James Carter, Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems, Digital IF Enabled SATCOM Gateway Site Architectures for Networking and Management Automation
  • Bert van der Linden, iDirect, The new ground technology pivot supporting DIFI development and testing and the lessons learned on virtualization and interoperability.

1115-1130 Break

1130-1230 Panel

Fairfield/Exeter (3rd Floor) -- across from exhibit hall

Waveform Virtualization: Architectures, Challenges, and Ecosystem

In an era where agility, scalability, and interoperability are paramount, the topic of waveform virtualization in SATCOM systems has never been more relevant. This panel brings together industry experts to delve into the complexities and opportunities surrounding waveform virtualization. The discussion will span from architectural considerations to technical challenges, exploring how an ecosystem of vendors can adapt and what new business models may emerge.


Juan Deaton, Chief Alignment Officer, Alignment Consulting and Engineering


  • Christian Rodrigez, Senior Technical Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Space
  • Alan Campbell,  Principal Space Products Solutions Architect, AWS Aerospace + Satellite Solutions
  • Alasdair Calder, Product and Business Development, Intelsat Government Solutions
  • Michael Geist, Vice President, Product Management, SES Space and Defense

1230-1330  Lunch: Box lunches will be served by MILCOM

1400-1700 Poster/Demo Session:

Fairfield/Exeter (3rd Floor) -- across from exhibit hall


  • Brian Olson, Chief Architect, ARKA, Closing the timing loop with Digital IF 1.2
  • Christian Rodriguez, Senior Technical Program Manager, Microsoft, DIFI interoperability in a 5G enabled SATCOM Environment
  • Simon Swift, Engineering Director - Digital Technologies, ETL Systems Ltd, Genus Digital RFC/IFC
  • Nicholas Johnston, Director of Engineering, Quintech Electronics, Phased Migration to Digital Enterprise Terminal
  • Michael Spytek, CEO, AgilitySat, AgilitySat
  • Ken Quock, Sr Director, Strategy and Technology, ATG, High Performance Digital IF Demodulator SBIR program
  • Juan Deaton, Chief Alignment Officer, Alignment, Waveform Architecture for Virtualization Ecosystems (WAVE)
  • Amina Boubendir, Head of Research and Standardisation, Airbus Defence and Space,     Towards Digitalization and Automation of SATCOM Network Management


  • Christian Rodriguez, Senior Technical Program Manager, Microsoft, An introduction to DIFI's opensource tools
  • Radim Badsi, CEO, Groundspace, Groundspace Virtual Spectrum Analyzer
  • Max Robert, Chief Technology Officer, Geon Technologies, LLC, Integrated FPGA and software tooling
  • Zachary Amodeo, Systems Engineer, Viasat, Enabling Virtualized Digitized MILSATCOM - A Demonstration
  • Kevin Tobias, Director of Product Management, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, Demonstration: Contested SATCOM Capabilities and Techniques
  • Michael Phillips, VP, Engineering, Welkin Sciences, Digital IF Vector Analyzer & DCS-125D, A DIFI Monitoring Tool and DIFI IF Converter
  • Mark Lombardi, Space and Satellite Test Solution Architect, Keysight Technologies, Multi-domain Digital IF (DIFI/VITA-49) Testbed

1800 No Host Social: Harpoon Brewery 



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